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flyers printing in nairobi kenya

Flyer design and printing in Kenya.

Colormate Media offers professional Flyers printing services in Kenya at affordable rates. Flyers are a good marketing tool for marketing your brand easily in Kenya.   We ensure the flyers are perfectly designed, well printed on quality paper, and good-looking business flyers printing in Nairobi, Kenya. We print flyers in different sizes, A5 flyers printing, A4 Flyers Printing, Custom sizes etc.

If you are looking for flyer designs in Kenya, poster design in Kenya, be it church flyers design and printing in Kenya, or School flyers design, etc., then talk to us, we are the top best and cheapest flyer design companies in Kenya.

Why do I need flyers?

Flyers are an important tool for advertisement, and marketing any BRAND. They can be used by all kinds of businesses to help achieve their advertisement goals effectively.

Why print flyers in Nairobi, Kenya?

  1. Flyers Are Cost Effective

    Compared to other forms of advertisement, flyers are the cheapest form of marketing tool. Colormate Media offers a professional Flyer design in Nairobi, and Flyer printing services in Nairobi within a day.

  2. Easy access to customers

    Drop fliers to potential clients at specific destinations for them to pick at ease. Flyer printing in Nairobi is usually done while you wait, or within the same day.

  3. Tangible nature of Flyers

    When fliers are printed nicely, and with good design, clients can get attracted to them, so it is important to create a well-designed flyer with a professional look and quality paper print. Colormate Media facilitates professional flyer design in Nairobi is of top-notch.

  4.  Good Personal relationship with Customers

    There is a great personal relationship with them when flyer is handed to him directly, potential client can easily remember your conversation, product or service when see the flyer even afterward.

  5. Seeing is believing

    Clients tend to read what is around them, and especially if well-designed, professional designed flyers convey the message to potential customers.

Flyers are an effective marketing tool for most of the local companies.

What are the major types of flyers?

 Below are the most common types of flyers.

1. Handbill

A handbill is a flyer printed out on a single sheet of paper you can share with your audience.

2. Pamphlet

A pamphlet is a flyer with sheets of paper attached together. Many pamphlets are small books that serve as condensed brand literature for your audience.

3. Digital Flyer

A digital flyer is designed with the Internet in mind. It’s delivered in email, social media, and other data-sharing platforms.

Flyer Use in Kenya

  • Flyer For School
    Most schools use flyers to do marketing, to send updates and communicate to parents, making them feel to feel part of the school academic. Are you looking for School flyers printing in Nairobi?
  • Conference flyers / Event Flyers
    Use marketing flyers to educate people about your events.
  • Church flyers
    Print readings and other communication on a small church flyer in Kenya.
  • Marketing Flyers in Kenya
    Posters for marketing, A poster is a type of flyer printed with graphic designs and has images, infographics, and other information, used to market a business or communicate.
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