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Signage & Promotional Items

Signage & Promotional Items

We understand the need to have a strong physical presence thus Rolek Company offers several options to cater for these needs among them being; Billboards, t-shirts, branded bags, caps, pens etc. Call us today +254724668603.


Our quality print work guarantees that your marketing message will appear on everyday promotional items in an impressive way that will attract your target market.

Used well, branded promotional items will assist in building your brand and give you a strong presence in the market place.

List of Promotional Items

  • T-Shirt Branding
  • Polo Shirt Branding
  • Cap Branding
  • Apron Branding
  • Fleece Branding
  • Key-ring branding
  • Mug Branding

  • Coffee Flask Branding
  • Clock Branding
  • Pen Branding
  • Bag Branding
  • Radio Branding
  • USB Branding
  • Mouse Mat Branding

  • Pen-Set Branding
  • Game Branding
  • Golf Towel Branding
  • Golf Ball Branding
  • Badge Branding
  • Water Bottle Branding